Texture pack?

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  1. Ive been looking for a good one but haven't found one, I don't really want one of those simple ones that you can't see any pixels or the cartoony rainbow ones. I have been looking for a hi def one, preferably doesn't require a loader, that is either futuristic or fantasy. Does anyone have one to recommend?
  2. Well i know you said no to simple ones, but this isnt just any simple texture pack, its one of the most downloaded ones:

    The other one i would recommend seems like what you want, but it is outdated. so if you dont mind pink jungles,
    http://minecraftcustomizer.net/pack/Faithful 32x32
  3. Well, i guess i could try the Ocd pack. What is ocd?
  4. I have a custom one I cobbled togehter from multiple packs. It basically has the gui of john Smith and the texture of Ovos Rustic. I can give it to you if you want.
  5. SphaxPure BD I think it's called? Or Misa's. Both require MCPatcher.
  6. LB photorealism is very realistic.
  7. I don't think it's updated :/ It said 1.2 but it doesn't look very good.
  8. [16X, 32X, 64X, 128X, 256X][1.2] LB PHOTO REALISM, 1.2.4 UPDATE 3/29/2012
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  9. honestly my faves are featherlight and star wars
  10. jolicraft is pretty good
  11. xray!!! lol dont
  12. Joli craft is pretty cutesy. I still vote for Ovos rustic for pretty smooth textures.