Texture Pack Troubles

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  1. Lately, I've been trying to install cool texture packs and my Minecraft isn't responding correctly. It either freezes or shows a blank screen when I click texture packs on the front screen. If I do get to the page, it shows the default pack and the Pack I downloaded but the downloaded pack is a light gray and I won't let me choose it. I'm grateful for any ideas or suggestions, thanks.

    -Sport <3
  2. what i do is download the pack and put all of the files in a seperate folder with the name of the txtr pack. i then drag that into the txtr pack folder on my minecraft folder (finder>littlehousesymbol>minecraft>texturepacks) and open up minecraft and hit force update. :) hope this helps
  3. Usually you just have to download the zip file, open the %appdata% and put it in texture pack folder. But if they are an HD pack you have to use MC Patcher.
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  4. It does the same thing to me. . . I assume it's because the texture packs are too awesome sauce for my dinky laptop.
  5. Sometimes the texture packs can be too higher.. resolution(?) for your computer. For instance, I can't use the 512x version of Sphax, but I can use the 128x version fine. The 512x version does the same at what yours does - black screen or freezes up and crashes etc.
    Also, if you chuck the texture pack (zip file) into the texture pack folder and it's not running correctly, you may need to download MCPatcher. It worked for me. Just install it and click Patch :) It allows HD textures to work on your minecraft etc. and this may be what kind of TP you have.
    I hope this helps xD
  6. One alternative to MCPatcher is Optfiine, it provides a lot more settings and customization. It is a clientside mod and IS APPROVED for EMC by EMC.