Texture Pack Suggestions

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  1. I am currently using Ozocraft as my texture pack. I also have Faithful 32x32 and SMP Revival installed but I am looking for others that I may use. Got any suggestions?
  2. I use Good morning Craft, it's pretty bright and cheerful if you're looking for something like that :p
  3. I looked at it and I don't like the mobs. Sry :(
  4. It's fine, just a suggestion after all :)
  5. yea, you should try ozocraft :p
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  6. Well I am searching for a good resource pack that has almost all the sounds changed :)
  7. oh I just want one that changes textures, not sounds.
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  8. Pamplemousse (you may want to change the text of the pack to something else as I don't like the pamplemousse text, I have dokucraft's text)
  9. Summerfields is a good choice, or you could create one yourself using the Painterly Pack creator.
  10. I used that creator for a modern pack.Not sure why the dispensers look like ovens with my pack though.
  11. I uses dat won teckshture pak dat mak u cat look like it a zebra cuz zebra remind me of cats cuz won tim me cat got losed in the zoo an he ride zebra .
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  12. wat.jpg
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  13. Sorry, but I can't really understand what you mean. Lol
  14. Soartex Fanver or Sphax PureBDcraft. I mix the 2 into sportex, soartex for vanilla, sphax for mods :p
  15. I think I am either going for sortex fanver or ozocraft for my texture pack. The one thing I don't like about ozocraft is the cobblestone texture.
  16. I made a modern one.Funny how it made dispensers look like IRL ovens.
  17. Just pointing out i downloaded all of these for him >_>
    F is for friends that do stuff together...
    But howd you like your 512X512 I forcibly suggested you download :p
  18. ok 1. You only downloaded ozocraft and smp revival for me. I downloaded the rest.
    2. The 512x512 crashed my computer. :p