Texture Pack Review #1 - The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker Pack

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  1. It is no longer a thing of the future, my first texture pack review is finally here! (Assuming people actually care :p)

    We start off the reviewing spree with a Texture Pack that I found because of this server. Why is it related to this server, you ask? Well, Justin really likes The Legend of Zelda, or so he says. Why not have my first review be a direct nod at that?

    STATS - (Link) (Album)
    • GLSL Capable
    • 16x to 128x
    • Everything done

    As you can see, it is not meant to be a realistic texture pack. It is meant to make Minecraft look like Wind Waker. Wind Waker was not a realistic game, so this is not a realism texture pack. It is a cartoony one. If you don't like that, you don't have to download it. :)
    The Texture Pack does make the came look really pretty, though I am not exactly sure it will fit everyone's taste. Of course, what does?

    It is a very colorful texture pack, and I positively LOVE how wool looks :D The one thing I am a bit disgruntled about is the tiling effect.
    Oh, and the fact that Glowstone isn't actually a stone, it is a lamp. That irks me to not end. :p

    All in all, while it is a really fun texture pack, it isn't my favorite. I used it for a day for the sake of making this, though I am not sure I will use it extremely often for some obvious reasons and some other less obvious ones. :)

    Realism: 2 of 5
    Creativity: 4 of 5
    Tiling: 3 of 5
    Detail: 3 of 5
    Performance: 5 of 5

    Total: 17 of 25

    NOTES -

    Realism (How it looks in Survival): As I stated above, this is not meant to be a realistic pack. This is a big turnoff to a lot of people and it gets a low score in this area.

    Creativity (How it looks in Creative): When you build with anything in this texture pack, it will look beautiful. This is a fact. Sandstone is pretty, too.

    Tiling (How the blocks mesh together): There are a few tiling issues on the Stone and the Redstone, and possible other blocks I did not review. It gets very annoying :p

    Detail (How much amazing in one place?): It isn't very detailed for 128x, and I really think the creator could have done better. It is still sufficient to pass this part though, which is good I guess. I'd love to see some more effort though.

    Performance (How well it runs): Performance and Detail, they hate each other. This texture pack shouldn't lag you unless your computer running it on twenty instances of MC. And even then, you could just downgrade to the lower resolutions of it.
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  2. Well! :D
    Any suggestions as to the next pack I should review?
  3. Nice review Crazy. One point, it's Legend, not Legond. :p

    Are you aiming to review less popular texture packs so that people are aware of them?

    Some suggestions:

    LB Photo Realism
    Sphax PureBDCraft
    Dark Matter
  4. Uh, that never happened...

    Oh, I have three of those packs downloaded already :)
  5. Soartex if your com can run it
  6. Try a review on the Wayukian pack. I love that one!
  7. I think the grass looks the most realistic in that one.
  8. Do the Sphax PureBDcraft txture pack is soo ding awesome
  9. Yes, John Smith :D Review John Smith
  10. I agree with Eclipsys do the John smith and also do Sphax PureBDcraft one aswell it's awesome
  11. Whatever you do, make sure you review the updated DokuCraft pack last. If you review it too early, you'll never want to do another review because everything else will just pale in comparison.
  12. And there I was, thinking this thread died.

    Yeah, I'll do John Smith next. :)
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  13. I'm using: Inspiration(32x)by TobiwanK3nobi v14a

    I like it pretty well. :D