Texture Pack issues

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  1. What does it mean when certain textures fail to load in a particular texture pack and you see the default texture, when the textures were there prior?
  2. It means that the texturepack doesn't provide textures for those items, or it might just be bugging out. Make sure you are hsing the latest version of the texture pack, or said tp might not even have certain textures.
  3. ^ Make sure it is the latest version. Some older packs will no longer work with current minecraft. Try reloading the pack as well. If it is a recent thing, then it shouldnt be doing this unless its just a bug.
  4. I have been using Misa's Realistic as of late, which has a texture for sandstone, but one of my friends opened classic on my computer and everything seems a little wonky all of the sudden, Misa's sandstone texture is suddenly missing, the lighting is all weird now and a few other things.. t-t
  5. Has the classic client been patched with MCPatcher or Optifine?
  6. No, it was on the minecraft website, will I need to repatch my client?
  7. That's why it was wonky. You can't patch it if it is on the website.
  8. My client now is wonky.. A friend opened classic on the website and now, since then with my client, the lighting is weird and some of the textures are loading as default, but my mods still seem like they are loaded properly..
  9. Just try repatching (unpatch and patch) the client with MCPatcher.

    If that doesn't work, an alternative which I use and recommend is to download Magic Launcher and Optifine, which does everything MCPatcher does plus much more.
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  10. Magic launcher does not patch the Java file for HD. You will still need to use MC patcher or have optifine in magic launcher

  11. Maybe you misconstrued my sentence structure, but I was implying that Optifine does everything MCPatcher does. I only included Magic Launcher simply because it makes installing Optifine much easier and I mentioned Optifine second since it preceded my justification for using it.
  12. Ok, i use only two textures, smps revival ,i think? And default,
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