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  1. I've found an awesome medival texture pack (by the creative one), but to use it you need MC Patcher. I am having a lot of trouble just downloading MC patcher. It will just not download. I'm hoping there is another way to do it or a better medival texture pack that doesn't require the use of MC Patcher. Hope someone can help.
  2. MC Patcher is pretty easy to use. When I downloaded it all I did was drag it to desktop (I think) and then run it, then go to convert texture pack and patch minecraft . Then go onto the texture packs in minecraft and the click the 'MC patcher converted [Texture pack name]'
  3. umm what program opened MC patcher. Thats my only problem. I have a new computer and doesnt have all programs i need. TY
  4. 1. Download Magic Launcher.
    2. Download Optifine.
    3. Open Magic Launcher and click Setup.
    4. Click add and add Optifine.
    5. ???
    6. Profit.

    Optifine is kind of like MC Patcher but offers greater customization and an increase in framerate.
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  5. k ill trywhen i gethome
  6. oh he updated that :D
  7. MCPatcher is very easy to use. Search "mcpatcher 1.5.1" and download the file. Open it when you are done downloading it and click "patch minecraft.jar." Minecraft needs to be closed to do this, though.

    Another option is OptiFine. There are some good tutorials on YouTube on how to install it. It patches the textures for you and has many other perks.

    Note that OptiFine is not compatible with MCPatcher. You'll get a black screen if you use both. If you need additional help, feel free the PM me.

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