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  1. I attempted making a texture pack that took about 5 hours only to find that it didnt work because of no translucency and items had a big white block on them -.- does anybody know of a free edititor that allows translucency? really looking foward to posting a texture pack :3
  2. I am sure that GIMP supports what you need. It is pretty much the open source Photoshop.
  3. I use paint, but then agin all my texture packs suck.
  4. Tryed gimp and almost needed a new computer. Slowed my com down messed up allot of my photos, etc. Anything but gimp. curse that smiling dog and his paintbrush >:I lol
  5. Lol, sorry to hear that, yes curse that dog XD
  6. so you just need the white backgrounds erased? how many images is it?
  7. Well i erased/deleted the failure. Why?
  8. well, i have teh photoshop, so i can use the magic eraser to get rid of white backgrounds fast
  9. Try paint.NET, that's what I use.
  10. paint.net is gimp. Theres no link to download paint.net only gimp :I
  11. Importer PM me ur email i remade the texture pack just need white background to be translucent :I
  12. I need a downloadable translucent backrgound editior. Not gimp not paint .net and it needs to be free. Any ideas?
  13. Why do you need to download it?
  14. Because my in broswer lags ALOT and crashes my internet 50% of the time :/
  15. Fair point.

    You could download Photoshop from Adobe's website and get 30 days free. I'm sure 30 days will be enough time? :]
  16. I use Paintbrush, but I am on an iMac... I don't know what would be a good editor an PC..