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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by lkirk98, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. Recently, I have noticed some ads spread about the forum posts. When you mouse over certain words, ads appear. I just want to know what this is for. The only reason I can think of right now is to bring money to EMC, which is perfectly fine. I'm just a little confused. Thanks.
  2. ive noticed that too. i thought i was going crazy.
  3. what browser are you both using?
  4. I use FireFox and I have not seen this... I think you may have spyware in your computers or are using some strange plug-ins...
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  5. something like this is built into chrome, it gets disabled if you use the adblock addon. using avg's new do-not-track plugin also stops it too :)
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  6. Ahh, I use AVG in FireFox as well... :)
    I don't care for Chrome... Google is much too invasive now. :confused:
  7. i only use chrome because FF wont run smoothly for me, luckily with avg and such, i dont really have to worry as much with the tracking XD
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  8. hmm, I'm using Internet Explorer...
  9. i used to use internet explorer like you, then i took lag to the laptop. then i tried out firefox, hated it, went back to I, upgraded to IE 9 (hated it even more), downgraded to IE 8, then went to Chrome. i love chrome because its so fast for my little laptop. i dont actually care about privacy because i dont have anything to hide... im looking at you, some of you perverts out there... if you know what i mean ;(
  10. lol, only reason i care is because of all the junk emails you get from using chrome, used to get 30-40 a day sometimes, then avg released do-not-track, and all those emails mysteriously vanished.
  11. If only FireFox can run as fast as chrome.... :(
  12. emails? hah! i dont even have any google emails!
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  13. I love Firefox it has so many features that are just hidden away, you just need to find them and turn them on its great after that! One of my favorite tools in Firefox is the download helper I have searched for it in the chrome store but can't find anything like it...
  14. Google chrome wins for simplicity to me.
  15. This is for sure something installed on your PC. I do not agree with this type of intrusive advertising and it is not coming from our end. I would do a adware scan on your computer because you prob have something :)
  16. *sigh* I'm pretty sure this has something to do with me trying to install mods... which made me install 7zip. Would 7zip have spyware in it?
  17. Not unless you got some hacked version of 7zip. 7zip is open source software.
  18. However highlighted text that show ads appear on some website to gain more money. EMC doesn't do this, Justin tries to keep the website clean while keeping it up by using ads. You might have a toolbar that might be doing this, I don't download many toolbars because I don't use them. I suggest remove ANY toolbar's! Even toolbar's that's related to Yahoo, Ask, Google, etc. Also just a note, allot of software's that you download offer you free toolbar's. Next time you install something make sure you uncheck that option.
  19. I use WinZip :p