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  1. Hello again.

    I'm wondering, if you can have your font and color set to the same settings each time.. An example is Panda... She always has blue text, with a different font than default... Do you have to change it each time or can you set it for all the time??

  2. I have to set mine each time. It's usually blue and bold :)
  3. Oh :) okay... I wish you didnt have to set it each time D:
  4. I know, it would be awesome if I didn't have to D:
  5. Lol! Do you every forget to make it blue and bold??
  6. Dependent upon formatting, you can have your text look
  7. Did you forget some extra grey text? That sentance even with the supplied grey text makes NO sense lol...
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  8. I asked for it. Like a default text setting

    But some annoying people didnt want it

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