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would you use this app?

yes and i would be willing to pay a small fee to keep it 6 vote(s) 40.0%
yes but only if it didnt get annoying 4 vote(s) 26.7%
probably but i couldnt pay for it 4 vote(s) 26.7%
definately not 1 vote(s) 6.7%
  1. Ive scoured the suggestion threads and either they named it something different or i couldnt find it.

    Im not entirely sure how this would work either since im not an app dude.

    what if there was an app that sent us alerts via text when new things were put on the emc forums homepage (or whenever staff needed to tell players about something) it could even be a pay app for like 99 cents im sure most of the supporters wouldnt mind paying for.

    you could even customise what kind of alerts you wanted maybe, like i want only even or update alerts, or i only want alerts that pertain to smp6

    some examples:

    congrats! emc just updated to 1.8 hop on now and explore the changes.

    Wastelands will reset tommorow at 11:59 eastern time

    Staff applications have been updated (posts link to new app)

    that sort of thing
  2. You could probably do this with IFTTT and EMC's RSS feed.
  3. This would be awesome! I think there is an EMC Android app in-the-making, but isn't done yet. This probably wouldn't be too hard. ;)
  4. I'd download this app. Hope it'd include when new promos or events were going to happen as well. Like the in-game notifications but via text.
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  5. Where is the RSS feed? I can't find it after looking around for the last ten minutes.
  6. RSS.PNG

    See that faint orange button? Click that. :)
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  7. Ooo what about also in the app to be able to use to talk to people in game that would be cool...
  8. developing a mobile chat app is a whole lot more work then essentially an rss feed app
  9. Wasn't there something on the forums about "There will be no EMC app?"

    I know this isn't a specific EMC "app" but it would see be an app for EMCa

    EDIT: Hmm.. I can't find anything about it, but I remember something like that..