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  1. This is my year, I have already gained 30 levels since 15 minutes ago. Im on fire!
    I challenge anyone who would like to beat me in TEXP. My goal is to be in the top 50.
    If i aacomplish that, i will be a happy pig. :)
  2. Sorry to ask but what's TEXP?? And what purpose does it serve and how to gain it?
  3. T-Total

    I think thats what it means....

    Its purpose is to gain expericene levels, and you get it by killing mobs.
  4. How do you know how many levels are you at?
  5. The bar at the bottom of the screen shows a number in green
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  7. Im now a level 40 :)
  8. wow people have gottan level 50 at least a hundred times and your still getting your first way to 50 lol o.0
  9. I recommend stopping when your lvl. 46, enchanting a diamond item and then starting again.
    Going above lvl. 46 is a waste of Exp. as you can get the same enchantments of lvl. 50 at lvl. 46.
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  10. I know, but in one day... IT ALL BEGINS!
    and im going to be getting xp like crazy.

    Thanks B4DM4N5IMON
  11. That's amusing coming from Mr. 5290 on the Leaderboard.
  12. I am in the top 200 :D
  13. Nice!
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  14. i dont go in the wild i just like building though recently ive been mining for minerals not for xp
  15. You have to balance time spent earning XP with the cost of the piece you're enchanting. I go up to 48 for armor and stop in the lower 40's for picks, usually 42ish.

    If you check here: http://pernsteiner.org/minecraft/enchant/leveltables/Diamond_Armor_50.html

    A diamond armor piece has an 86% chance of taking on a Prot IV enchantment using 50 levels and 71% using 46 levels. Since I'm using 8 diamonds for a chest piece, I'd rather spend the extra time to make it more likely I don't end up with a bunch of crap armor pieces.

    I'm not so careful with picks and shovels. The cost in diamonds is less and I use more of them when I mine or work in town so I'm willing to trade the extra time grinding for a larger number of not so great picks.

    I couldn't find it, but I've seen a chart where someone attempted to calculate an optimal level for enchanting different pieces. Personally I just guess at when I feel lucky enough to stop for different items.
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  16. Well i just enchanted at lvl 45 and got Efficiency IV
  17. Since you felt it was ok to take a poke at poor Mr Pig, who's just starting out in your comment upthread, I just thought I'd point out your lofty position on the Leaderboard 5160 positions lower than his.
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  18. im 130 monthly
    and im 262 lifetime
  19. Just wait until you get one of those with Silk Touch and you find yourself lifting ores along with everything behind it.
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  20. I actually already have a silk and i need to go mining lol.