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  1. Hello

    A while ago someone started a thread about ideas for things to improve on the TEXP system, like weekly prizes and so on. In that discussion it was mentioned (i think by me) the idea of prizes for increase in position each week instead of top place.

    Anyway, I've been thinking more on this while struggling to stay in the top 10 for the month and was thinking what about a daily position change indicator like on distrowatch. They use it for Hits Per Day, but we could use it for position changes, for example a little green up arrow followed by a number that says this user gained X levels since the last calculation, a red down arrow for lost levels, and a little minus sign for no changes.

    What do you think?
  2. I very much like this idea, but I would need some help figuring out how we would calculate the changes. Currently the leaderboard is rebuilt every 10 minutes, and that is when ranks are calculated and sorted. Would the trending be for daily (gained 5 positions today, lost 5 positions today) or maybe two trends, today and yesterday?
  3. My original thinking was you'd take a snapshot each day of the current scores say at midnight (or perhaps whenever the rupee bonus resets to be consistant - that might be midnight not sure lol) and then compare the current snapshot with the previous snapshot.

    Although now that I think about it with 10 minutes recalculations, it might be a little counter-intuitive to do it that way.

    Perhaps a snapshot could be taken at midnight and the calculations be updated every 10 minutes - that way it would be easier to see who's catching up to you?
  4. I like this but it means the trend would only show you that day, wouldn't a longer trend like 5 days be better?
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  5. Yes, it could be. I'm not an expert with statistics so I'm not entirely sure what is doable. If you could make it change every 10 minutes, but have a longer time that would be better. You could perhaps then do weekly trend on the monthly page and maybe a monthly trend on the all-time page?
  6. I have been pondering an idea of having an "Empire Citzen of the Month/Week" or something like that. It has pretty much nothing to do with the TEXP, but would go well with it as it would be another competition. My idea so far is that members could nominate other members who have selflessly helped them in some way. The staff could read the nominations and vote on a winner each week/month. I haven't thought of a prize yet, but I was thinking something like some kind of trophy/statue at Justin's palace with the winner's name on a sign (assuming Justin would allow this at his palace). I'm definitely open for suggestions or other ideas on this.
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