Test Track - (A Book)

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to type up a story for you guys to read! I really hope you enjoy it! Since I've been going to Disney a lot, and I've been enjoying Test Track, so I decided to type a book about it! Remember, some of this stuff is true. Enjoy the book!

    Test Track
    By: HelloKittyRo

    "No, just no Jason.", I said as I was walking in line waiting to go on Test Track. "Yes, HelloKittyRo", said Jason proud of himself. (*I'm not going to say my real name.*) "C'mon, Ro! It's not as bad as you think!", my Aunt Karen said. "No, just no.", I said nervously. I knew my cousins Josh and Jason were going to make me go on the ride. Of course, I was with my Dad, because I was nervous, but still. There's no turning back once you're on a ride. "It's gonna be fine! Besides, we'll let you ride in whatever row you want!", said Josh. "There's only two rows. I'm sitting in the back row, in the middle seat.",I said nervously, yet again. The line started moving. "And the best part is, you can create a fake car to link to your band to see special things!",said my 14 year old cousin Jason. "I know, I've read up on the ride, Jason.", I said in a stern voice. We waited in line for about 2 hours, and then we got to the creating room. It's time to create my car.

    Once I finished creating my green car, we got into line to ride the car. My cousin Jason was smart, and rushed us. We were the first ones in line! Then, I got in the car, very nervously.

    Vroom... vroom... "HERE WE GOOOOOOOO!". And off we went. I was acutely fine, which was a huge surprise to me. "Whoaa!", I screamed over the loud engine. Then.. we went outside.

    "YEAHHHH BABYYYY!", I was loving it! Sadly, the ride ended. "I waited 2 hours for this? It was awesome though!".

    This is a true story. I don not remember all the details since it happened 1 month ago.