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  1. Hi yesterday I made TESG a group that I made back when I first started EMC and it had about 8 people in it I was happy but it got shut down coz of GRIEFERS!! But I made it again.
    And now I am making a Donation thread.

    All you need to do is tell me how much you Donated in the Comments and do the /rupees pay djozane (AMOUNT) and you will have a Donation Rank.

    Ranks are:

    Wood Donater 0-100r
    Stone Donator 101-200r
    Sandstone Donator 201-350r
    Coal Donator 351-500r
    Iron Donator 501-650r
    Gold Donator 651-750r
    Lapiz Donator 751-800r
    DIAMOND Donator 801-1000r
    Bed Rock Donator 1001-1350r
    Lead Donator The Leading Donator!!

    Donators So Far:

    Damo20: Coal Donator 450r
    AlexHallon: Stone Donator 101r
  2. Can we have some pictures, info, result etc of the TESG project?

    Its a little hard throwing rupees after something that you have no idea what is..

    For all i know it could be 5 drunk men running around chasing sheep's on trees.
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  3. lol very funny but it is a group of people that we do adventures and stuff, like TES.
  4. I wasent trying to make a joke of it mate - was just saying if i am to donate rupees i need to know what your making - and the above post doesnt explain it.
  5. PT djozane was banned for encouraging SoulPunisher to grief one of the TES member's rooms at the base. Do not donate as he might do the same here.
  6. lol i am not banned
  7. 101r from me :)
  8. hi lexy
    DJ im gonna pay when i get my pay for my job ok?
    i will go for 1000r
  9. ok
    and alex u r a Stone Donator
  10. U got the TESG job so just wondering were is the 1000r still av not got it yet
  11. Scam Alert.
    1. He hasn't told you what the money is going for exactly.
    2. Confessed griever of TES
    3. Got banned for it.
  12. I told u i did not get banned :confused:
  13. Yeah, soul said you did, you did grief though, and STILL haven't said what the money is for.
  14. right can someone plz stop this thread
  15. MEINCRAVTA is getting anoying
  16. Im just saying , you haven't said what the money is going towards.
  17. Agreed with MEIN.He's a well known person.Djo calling him annoying would certainly help your so called "Griefed group"!(Sarcasm)
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  18. The money is going towards TESG to make it stronger to buy stuff more the base and such (Soz for saying ur anoying)
  19. can a moderator plz shut down this thread or at least lock it
  20. Thats only hurting you. What kind of stuff? Notice you aren't elaborating at all, just "stuff"