Terrible Diamond Supporter on Smp7

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Should redacted be Temp Banned for this

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Yes he is so mean 0 vote(s) 0.0%
No give him one more chance 1 vote(s) 50.0%
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  1. This is the Wrong way to bring attention to wrong doings on the server. Please use /report, or send screenshots to moderators, publicly accusing others is just as wrong as them breaking the rules
  2. Guys make sure u repost this to a modorator and then they can ban him
  3. Please pm a mod with screenshots if you have any, they will check chat history and take neccasary actions.

    Please don't do this again, make sure a mod if the first person you go to with these issues.
    He will most likely get a temporary ban for this, if he is more of a problem he will be perm banned.
  4. Not the right place you should have taken screenshots of the conversation and sent them to a moderator not post it in the community.
  5. why the hell do people keep taking private problems public like this?
  6. Sorry i didnt know where to put it
  7. It was acturally getting very annoying and disturbing
  8. All is solved, please lock this thread now.
    /ignore redacted
  9. Thats what i did
  10. Okay....... I totally typed that.
  11. what did he do?
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