Terr Survies Hardcore Mode-Seed Hardcore Survivor

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  1. I have decided to make a thread with progress reports on my Harcore survival! (Pardon the window, i will make it full screen from now on.
    Here are the first pics of my adventure:
    The first pic is where I spawned Screen Shot 2012-02-26 at 7.47.21 PM.png
    Where I spawned Screen Shot 2012-02-26 at 7.48.43 PM.png
    I plan to make my home on this island, and explore it
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  2. Well, good luck with that!
  3. lol, look behind his launcher, it says your thread name in an internet tab XD
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  4. Indeed.
  5. I know i got the idea from you XD Sadly i fell into a cave and was xploded by 5 creepers and attacked by a skelton
  6. lol, that sucks a bit
  7. Yikes...

    Welp, let's see if I can find any new see; ah, here's one:

    Final Fantasy X
  8. Okay i'll start one, should i make a new thread? Or Darkwellor we (you) could set up a server and we could hardcore together

    EDIT: I checked out Final Fantasy X, the spawn is okay
  9. That could work, though I don't know if online Hardcore is possible...is it?
  10. It is, I think, i saw a youtube video, or we could just end it when we lose
  11. So, that can work!
  12. Yeah, it would be REALLY fun!
  13. And you can set up a server? Sounds cool!

    (because I tried and failed...)
  14. I think i can set up one

    I think i have one ready actually
  15. Sounds good to me.
  16. its being odd.

    just download "LogMeInHamachi" and i can finish it in two seconds and then you use the logmeinhamachi to connect
  17. when you get it

    go to (to of your computer screen) network, join network, name: tshack235 password: tshack235

    then connect. and type in this IP on minecraft:
  18. its being odd again, give me like 5 to 10 minutes
  19. I'm...not known for getting random software, but I can trust you, just this once.
  20. god, it was running perfectly before and now its all messed up, give me some more time