Terr our expedition supplies!

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  1. We each got one of these with identical content!
  2. Alright good sir! I am on my way back from wild so we can start!! Let the epic win begin!
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  3. What is this about?
  4. We are going on expedition I don't know why he posted it here :p
  5. I think they should have PMed each other instead of posting about it on the forums.
    It might be a wild expedition...

    EDIT: Knew it! :D
  6. I think he didn't PM me because there is no attach img option or embed or whatever in it
  7. Huh. I'll take a look at that.
  8. Yea I wasn't able to post images on posts :p
  9. Negative posters aside, I feel you guys could make this into an interesting adventure diary :)
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  10. Right? That was the plan at first to save screen shots along the way and create a photo album/diary! Thanks for the input!