Temples and Dungeons

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  1. Ive had an interest in both Temples and Dungeons.... Does this server have that?
    like i know theres an option to generate structures in single player but do servers get that option as well? and if so does EMC have it enabled?
  2. Yes. Currently you have to go out to unexplored lands to generate them. When wastelands are implemented and if generated they might be easy to find.
  3. You can find both things on EMC, but you have to find chunks that were generated after they were introduced, or generate new chunks yourself, which means a journey. Once the wastelands are opened up, you will see them much closer to spawn there.
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  4. Actually for dungeons, you don't have to travel to unexplored lands. Desert/Jungle temples were introduced more recently, but if you're talking about skeleton/zombie/spider dungeons with spawners, you can find them anywhere in the wild. Strongholds are found like they normally would be; just use eyes of ender to find them on each server. Villages, abandoned mineshafts, and nether fortresses can all also be found in already-explored land.
    That said, any updates dealing with structures since about 1.2 (someone correct me if I'm wrong) will only affect unexplored chunks.
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