Temple of the cow

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  1. Ok so after giving up on some ideas and postponing others i have decided to build a temple of the cow in my free time i am basing the look of of a roman temple of Neptune but this will have a cow statue in the middle of it any donation's would be greatly appreciated i will post screen shots of my progress daily starting tomorrow also tell me what you think of this idea.
  2. I personally think someone should be building a temple of the shoes... But maybe that's just me. :D
  3. Is this a tribute to ice-cream cow?
  4. Yeah I think it is...
  5. Temple of shoes would be cool!
  6. Temple of PinkiePie!
  7. Temple Of Minimoose
    Then temple of Gir!!!
  8. 0:36 :D
  9. You should do a...
    Temple of all the things -meme.jpg
  10. You should make the cow all out of gold lol jk