Tempered [Established]

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  1. Tempered Territories will hopefully be granted establishment on the SMP2 Server.

    We are quite a ways from any Empire Outpost, and hope to build an attraction that is worth the trip.

    Currently still under development.

    Founder - KnightZer0ne
    Developers - KnightZer0ne, SUPERI0N
  2. Excuse me. But Big Davie Established my Outpost a few nights ago, and now I see someone has decided to un-establish my outpost it seems. I would like to know why.
  3. Sorry, I changed the name after I assumed it was mistitled but I checked the establishment list and realised otherwise. I forgot to change it back :)
  4. Well, I read your well laid out instructions on how to set up an outpost, and inquired of a mod who told me I needed to speak with a Sr. Staff... Caught Big Davie that night all within a matter of 25 minutes and of original post, and it was Established.

    Whether it was your instructions or your efforts here, can't fault you for being thorough.

    Keep up the Good Work. :)
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