Tell us your quirks!

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  1. This is a thread to tell us what makes you special and different from everyone. I will start: I will never step on a crack, say you tell me to pick a number between 1 and 100 i have to pick the number in between 50 i have to pick 48 and I have to pick a number between 50 and 87 tell us your quirks :)
  2. i ALWAYS crack my knuckles,back,toes,wrists,neck,shoulders,knees, etc.
  3. I always make fun of people for being short(Im pretty tall)
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  4. Up, down, top, bottom, strange and charm.

    OH - quirks....
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  5. I have mild OCD (not officially diagnosed); Sometimes if I do something with one hand I will have a desire to do it with the other. Or I might be approaching a chair to sit down and it doesn't feel right, so I have to approach it from the other direction to sit down. If I think of anything else I will add it.
  6. 1) i'm only one with the name eklektoi? 2) ... I like to make new things no one else does - no matter the cost >;P
  7. so do I!
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  8. its gotten to the point where all the girls who sit near me shriek in terror....
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  9. Some people - have like idk - it's weird, but they have fear of people popping their joints - idk - it's funny when i do it alot and people get freaked out - and i can take my fingers all the way out of their joints and backwards just to see their reaction in class >;P
  10. i can crack a lot of the bones on the body like ankle wrist shoulder kneck fingers toes knees elbow ya that's about it :)
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  11. Nope, I do that too.

    The name explains it all haha.

    I do that to :eek:

    I have an obsession with dragons and zombies.

    Me & my brother can also bend our fingers RIGHT back.
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  12. Me too, I scratch on side of my face, then the other.
    Anyways, I like to manipulate and annoy people, I also crack my knuckles, and like to make people feel uncomfortable.
  13. I am not one for small-talk.
  14. this is small talk? cause it seems like BIG talk ;)
  15. I crack my knuckles, wrists, neck, back, and knees.
  16. I've memorized 108 digits of pi.
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  17. - I crack my nucles, back, toes, neck, hip, knee, almost everything.
    - I like to play games on my iPad instead of paying attention in geometry, yet I have a 103.4% in the class.
  18. thank you for posting so much stuff i like hearing about what makes people special :)
  19. I love dogs and i have 5 and 1 cat