Tell me YOUR best armour enchants and why?

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  1. hi everyone, im creating a enchanted shop and im going to keep my self a few books for armour and tools. Since im new-ish i would like to hear what you put on your armour etc.
    so far i have:
    chest with fire protection 4
    booties with feathers on them 4
    leggings with projectile protection 4
    no helmet with enchants.
    efficiency 3 shovel
    all the right picks
    infinity, power4, bow
    no axe
    all of above also has unbreaking 3.
    also, if u have any ideas to make my shop better let me know.
  2. I think you should sell some protection 4 unbreaking 3 I would buy that
  3. I really like feather falling IV... I parkour like a bawzzz
  4. I would also like a sharpness 5 and looting 3 and maybe fire 1 or 2 I like mob killing.
  5. as far as i know, you can only get sharpness 5 from a villager or by putting to sharpness 4 swords together.
  6. I would be fine with sharp 4 I just want sharp fire and looting
  7. I like respiration and aqua affinity helms (especially if both together).
    Unbreaking 3 on everything.
  8. My God sword and not-so-awesome armor.
    Thorns 2
    I down remember what else.
  9. ok tater. what is your god sword kman?
  10. dwight, i look to get the same but i have certain protection on my armour. isnt the bow one hit kill with the power5? and why the potatoes haha?
  11. I heard the god armor combo for things are like this:
    Helmet: Aqua Affinity I, Respiration III, Unbreaking III, Protection IV, Thorns III.
    Chestplate: Unbreaking III, Protection IV, Thorns III.
    Leggings: Unbreaking III, Protection IV, Thorns III.
    Boots: Featherfall III, Unbreaking III, Protection IV, Thorns III.
    Despite all the enchantments, the set wouldn't ensure immortality to the wear.

    Power V, while the apex of its type, is only one of the many enchantments jammed into a god-bow, while not insta-killing, it does great work on ghasts!
  12. Your usual God Sword.
    Sharpness V
    Knock back II
    Looting III
    Fire Aspect II
    Unbreaking III
  13. what i still need:
    lootingIII and knock back II on my sword
    punchII for my bow
    blast protection? for my boots
    maybe thorns for my legs and top
    aquaI unbIII protIV for my helmet.
  14. I don't like the knockback enchant in any swords :)
  15. pros of it is for creepers or many mobs attacking at once, cons is have to go and collect xp.
  16. I believe so and why not name it that lol
  17. My favourite armour was aqua infinity and protection 4, I was after on the edge of the mobarena and someone thought they'd be a troll and push me into the water out side of protected spawn and kill me, so he pushes me and stands over me from top of water ( I was at this time sitting at my computer watching him, so I hit the bottom and just sit there, with nothing happening, he swims down to check it out, starts getting hurt and swims back up.
    I stayed down there for like 6 minutes then got bored.
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