/tell issues... Possible bug? More of a noob then I thought???

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  1. Someone on the game was telling me that once I do the /tell thing once something is suppose to happen that lets me continue talking privately with that person without have to type /tell playername before every sentence. This seems true since many people talk to me this way too fast for them to be typing all that everytime but I don't get this little bonus. (And at least 2 other people I know of don't get it either)
    Is this a bug or do I just have something set up wrong?

    Please help as I am not a fast enough typist to keep up with all this. Especially with some of the Usernames out there. You know who you are....
  2. Use /ch tell [name] for that
    /tell only do it once
  3. Nope.


    /tell (NAME)
    Press Enter.

    And it will say something like "You started a conversation with (NAME)"

    And you can keep talking to them.
  4. if you type /tell playername and dont type a message behind it, you will start a conversation with that person. Any message you type will be sent to him as a PM
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  5. Ah. Thank you, Thank you guys. You've just made my little minecraft life soooo much easier! Thanks again.
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  6. also, another tip someone told me of, you dont have to type their name fully

    so /tell nnn
    will fill in the rest to nnnnmc1

    I wish that auto complete feature would work on /p!
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  7. And when you want to end the conversation I think you can just type /ch t and it will take you back to the town chat. That's how I do it at least :)