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  1. So, recently I finished the Netflix original Making a Murderer (would totally recommend it) and I realized that I don't really have much to watch. I have a ton of anime, but most of it isn't on Netflix, so I don't really have access to it. So, what's the point of this thread? I'm looking for tv shows or even movies that you love and would suggest. Leave them down below and I'll start watching. This is also a great opportunity for anyone else looking for suggestions to find some. Please no anime, and if they're on Netflix, that's even better (but they don't have to be).
    Let's see what you like :D
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  2. TV shows from favorite to really good

    Over the garden wall:
    An animated television mini-series (American so I don't think it counts as anime :confused:) which follows two young kids as they head back home after getting lost in the woods. They aren't lost in any normal woods though and bad things start happening. The very autumn-like and unique art style make it fun to look at and the story is actually really good. It is the kind of show that, after watching, makes you think about what you have seen and look deeper. The pacing is a little off at times but it all comes together really well. Initially it might seem pretty strange and random but as it goes there are a lot of "ah-ha" moments. It takes about 2 hours to watch in its entirety so it works great to binge. If you do watch this one, I would be interested in hearing what you see it as and if you picked up on some of the allusions.

    Mr. Robot
    I have only seen the first season (and probably won't watch the second because I really thought it was a mini-series) but it was pretty good. The show is pretty dark at times and definitely not something to watch with children. With that said, it is actually really interesting and fun to watch. Basically, hacker has to deal with the moral problem between helping to hack a company he hates for personal reasons and helping the security firm he works for protect the company from the hack. Overall a great show but I didn't find myself thinking about it afterwards as much as otgw.

    Person of Interest:
    A 5 season long series with an actual ending. The show starts off as a slight twist on crime procedural before mostly abandoning that to be heavily plot and character driven. Basically, someone has created an ai hooked up to surveillance systems that can predict when crimes will happen. The system is used by the government to catch terrorists but the creator wants to use it to save normal people from normal crimes as well. The catch being that they are given a number and don't know if the person is victim or perpetrator. As the series goes on, they start delving into some interesting themes and moral questions. Although it sounds relatively simple, the plot kicks in and things get really interesting.

    Movies in same order, best to still really good.

    How to train your dragon 1&2:
    I recently rewatched the original after seeing the second and was blown away by how good it was. I went in with crazy high expectations since I remembered very little from it and those were surpassed. The soundtrack is really well done and the entire movie just works really well. Basically, the son of the king is pretty much useless but manages to hit down one of the fiercest dragons only to let it free. As the name implies, the movie then goes on about him learning about the dragon and dealing with his tribe of dragon slayers. Once again, an absolutely amazing movie I would recommend.

    I went into the second with incredibly low expectations and now view it as one of my favorite movies. When I saw the second, I remembered very little of the original so figured it would be a mediocre sequel. I was very wrong. The world they create and the characters are absolutely fascinating. Some of the pacing was off but it made up for that easily. The climax (I am going with the part where he finally faces the bad guy) really puts the cherry on top. The writers took a huge risk putting it into a movie targeted at kids and a lot of people have split feelings about it. Personally, I though it was brilliant and brought in a bunch of additional themes and made everything carry much more weight. I would recommend seeing them both in order.

    A suspenseful movie that won the best movie Oscar. Definitely really good. Basically, a guy has to sneak some Americans out of Iran during the big hostage crisis.

    The grand Budapest hotel
    This movie is strange. The style is odd and the humor is even odder. If the style interests you, the movie is fantastic. If not, it will be bad. I enjoyed the movie and seeing something done in such a unique way was fun. Definitely different though.
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  3. Doctor Who
    Sci-Fi Mystery genre I would say, really well done and fun to watch.
    I just tried googling some summaries of it but none really do it justice, so I will attempt one.

    I really hope you consider watching this show, it is my favorite by far. I reccomend starting with Matt Smith's first episode.

    The Doctor is an alien known as a "Time Lord" who appears to be human. Time Lords are incredibly intelligent, have 2 hearts, and can "regenerate" basically totally fix their bodies when they are wounded in critical condition and take on a new appearance and personality(11 times only I think? I know in the Christmas special Matt Smith was going to actually die but he received extra regeneration power which allowed there to be another doctor guys help me out). He ran away from his home planet when he was young and became a traveler who found a particular interest in Earth. He travels in a vehicle known as a TARDIS which can travel through space and time. His general sense of purpose is to save people and the TARDIS (which is partially a living thing) often will take him somewhere else than he intended to go because he is needed there. He commonly gets into quite perilous situations and manages to fix things using his wit and sonic screwdriver (that'll make sense if you watch the show, basically an alien multi tool). I know that sounds super predictable and over done but it is different with this show, it really is.
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  4. Hmm so many good ones to choose from lol though very few actually on air atm.

    TV shows:

    I completely agree with jk about person of interest! Im watching it now and just started the 3rd season. One of the lead actors brings me to my first and favorite movie im going to recommend right now :p the count of monte Cristo.

    If you like sci-fi and need a good long series, I highly recommend stargate. There's a movie that starts it all off. Then the series : stargate sg1, followed by stargate Atlantis (the new aqua man has a main role in this one after some time) then finally stargate universe. It takes alot of mythological ideas and the story progresses in a way to make it show aliens are the ones behind it all. Stargate universe though has a different feel from its predecessors completely, and you will probably recognize alot of the actors in it. Oh there are also a few movies thrown in there too ^_^

    And a good comedy is psych. A super observant guy who calls in tips that happen to catch crooks just from watching the news. When the cops think he's the one behind the crimes he pretends to be psychic to avoid being arrested. He then opens up shop as a consultant to the police with his best friend helping him run the business.

    There's more I'd suggest for tv but I don't want to hit my character limit on them alone :p


    I love descent book adaptations.
    So Jane Eyre on Netflix is not to bad. Though not my favorite.

    I like ponyo and the secret world of arrietty for anime movies :p

    Wreck it Ralph and box car children for English animated movies.

    Taming of the shrew with Elizabeth Taylor for older classics.

    And a good sci-fi is the Martian. If you haven't seen it already of course ;)

    Edit: Crunchyroll.Com is great for watching anime for free plus it's all legal and if you sub wit them, you can watch same day release of anime episodes ^_^

    Also forgot to add... the flash and supergirl are back!!! And soooo good ♡
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  5. I don't have netflix at the moment so I don't know what playing.

    The Event: good show only lasted one season. The ending will leave you wanting more, wishing it wasn't cancelled.

    Stargate SG1: Love it, it's based off of the movie Stargate.

    Startgate Universe: to be watched after you've watched SG1.

    NCIS: Navel Criminal Investigative Services, enough said.

    Bones: Forensic Science with FBI back up.
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