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  1. so i was wondering if you can teleport from anywhere in the wildernes to the spawn of the wilderness ?? couse if not this game isnt fun :( pls say if theres a comand for that
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  2. No, you can only teleport in town or in the protected spawnzones, outlined by the red square when viewed from the live map.
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  3. but than i go 2 go all the way back to the spawn from wild
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  4. i mean thats hard couse:
    1st you need a mine in wild
    2nd you need wood but theres almost no wood in 5000 blocks avay of the spawn
    3rd u need a loot of time 2 go there :p
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  5. Welcome to Minecraft SMP. If it were easy, no one would play for long :D
  6. Really, one of the best things about this server is the lack of the sort of teleport you describe. However, there are a lot of shortcuts that are in place to help you:

    1. You started with 5 saplings. If you planted these in your residence, you'll have more than enough wood very quickly.

    2. At the wilderness spawn, there is a teleporter to 4 further spawn points, which are generally less farmed than the main spawn.

    3. There is a Live map (Click on the map for your server : ) that allows you to see where you are, so that you never get lost.

    4. The spawns are reset every few weeks to prevent the sort of decimation you describe

    5. There are 7 servers you can harvest from, and you can transfer your stuff between them using the /vault command

    In fact, if they made it any easier, they'd pretty much be playing the game for you!
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  7. The Spawns have never been reset that I know of unless you are counting resets for technical reasons.

    Ten including Utopia. I would recommend keeping most of your Wild/Nether activities to servers other than your Home server so you can be in Town whenever you need to.

    You can put your things in a chest and kill yourself. I've never done this myself because I usually have things I want to take back anyway plus I'm allergic to dying, but it seems like a lot of people do it.