Teleporting to home...

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Natfan, Dec 17, 2011.


Do you agree with this new idea?

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  1. Is a bit of a drag, having to write down '/' and the 'h', 'o', 'm', and 'e'. I think that it should be shortened to '/h'.
  2. Yeah, that could be a cool shortcut.

    ...but if you find typing "/home" tedious maybe you need to go have a nap or something, lol. I mean, it's not like you have to type /headquarters or /myawesomesanctuary or anything... it's just /home. :p

    That's pretty short already.
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  3. or /myawesomebigpurplenethermarketwithlotsandlotsoflava

  4. you should be able to just think the word home and teleport right?
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  5. I like this idea!!

    I think this would be cool, and at this time I don't see any reason why not, can anyone else?
  6. Now we have worked out that we can use improved chat to make little macros and assign keystrokes to a single key, life has been easier
    For example:
    h = /home
    V = /visit
    p = /pinfo
    m= /money pay

    /h does seem quicker, my fingers will get fat and lazy from not getting as much exercise, but I don't have anything against this little shortcut :)
  7. I'd opt for the mind-to-software link Beardswell suggested, if possible.

    At that rate, can you make it so we don't need a keyboard at all Justin? Like, whatever we want to say just goes in the chat?


    (we laugh, but in a hundred years we may be doing just this)


    It seems largely unnecessary, but yeah, we might as well have the shortcut /h for /home.
  8. I've yet to figure out how to do that with Improved Chat. I saw that this kind of thing looked possible with that mod, but I couldn't wrap my head around how to set it up, lol. I may have to have a second look.
  9. I don't laugh they are already doing this in disabled people.
  10. I'm not lazy, but everything else is being shortened now, so why not this?

    [ACHIEVEMENT GET] Typing this up with up with a donut in one hand!
  11. Liz I think that application would get me into a lot of trouble if whatever I thought went straight into the chat. It’s a war zone in here (here being my head).