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  1. I have two opinions on this subject :)

    The transport problem is a part of the game and I'm generally against removing it and against making the game easier, or even too easy.

    The transport problem - when you need to move like 10 DCs of stuff to or from a Frontier outpost - already HAS some decent solutions. One just needs to learn how to do it and get the needed setup, and learning and doing that is IMO a very nice, interesting and challenging part of the game.

    I'm not sure how much of the involved techniques I'd like to disclose right now, but I'll say so much: it's possible :p

    I participate in several Frontier outposts and teleport to town and back would make transporting stuff so much easier. :)
    Well, see under A)

    BTW, I remember that somewhere, in some thread, people were complaining that setting a bed spawn location and then putting stuff into EC and dying just to teleport back is "cheating", and even that there would be a way to detect who is doing that and somehow sanction it.

    I'd like to read your opinions on this.
  2. It's very simple and its the same thing people keep saying over and over: If you want to make a contraption that allows you to transport large amounts of stuff (chest carts require you getting it all going at the same time and following it so that the chunks stay rendered which can be very annoying but as you said, doable) you can still do that even if there is a feature that makes it more difficult. One SC of stuff from an outpost to spawn doesn't seem like that big of a deal. I'm more worried about taking 30dcs of dirt out to my outpost so I don't have to tear up everything within a 500 block radius to build islands and mountains when I'm terraforming my outpost, or otherwise have to make 30 trips just to get dirt to my outpost.

    I want the teleports more so to get players out to outposts than supplies though. The supplies would be convenient but there are MANY players that won't go out in the wild for several different reasons: it's scary and there is monsters(seriously know several kids that have said this), I will get lost and won't be able to get back(valid concern as I myself have got lost a few times, not recently) and of course the biggest and most obvious reason: I don't want to sit in a minecart for half an hour one way. Or worse, people that don't build minerails :eek::rolleyes: and use boats or horse trails to get to their outpost.
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  3. I might be able do that for a fee of around 12-15k depending on circumstances.

    (I estimate the effort needed to dig 30 DCs of dirt to around 250k)

    2-3 trips :)

    30 minutes through the nether get you over 14k blocks away, if straight out that's like 115k in the overworld.
    Is it that far?

    Most outposts are within 10 min travel, that's within 40-50k in the overworld.

    I know that very well :)
    So they would go if there is a teleport and you promise them that there is a safe zone just like town on the other side?
    Would it be a safe zone just like town?

    So the fear is to get lost while traveling (?)
    ... if there is a rail track then it's quite irrational, because even if,
    there is always way to return quickly to one's spawn point -
    probably losing nothing or an EC.

    Well that's their choice...

    How would it be when that teleporting would cost something?