Teleport Suggestion.

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  1. Would it be possible to install a way to have multiple teleport locations on your res? Like the /home is the main one that other players can go to but then have others around the res like /h1 and /h2.
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  2. I would definitely like to have one spot for guests and one for myself for sure.
  3. Sure! I agree with Sanitymops and maybe even a teleport to here (maybe /guesttp for guests and /metp for you. Or maybe /guesttele for guests and /metele for you. (for setting)):)
  4. This is a great idea. I always want to teleport inside my house, but I don't want people inside my house.
  5. I like this idea, but maybe we keep the commands the same, so that when someone types "/v 1134" or use the owners name, they are brought to where that tp is set, but when the owner types "/home" they are brought to their personal tp spot.
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  6. Update: put "(for setting)"
  7. This sounds like a great idea.
  8. wow, someone revived this thread from way down deep didnt they.

    I like this idea too. I was just thinking about it when i was setting a spawn point for wife and explaining it to her, and she could not grasp the concept that there was no way for her to pop in her house everytime without other players doing the same.
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  9. I cant make any garuntee's but i can say that this is something we certainly may get in the future. There is no downside to this, and it shouldnt be too hard (say's Shaun, having no programming experience whatsoever) to implement. :p
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  10. Or we could do like
    /res tpset owner
    /res tpset guest
  11. but then server would have to keep track of every tp spot on every residence on every server. .... sounds taxing. Your laziness equals an over worked server =P.. someone always pays.
  12. a very valid point and may very well be the Achilles heel of this whole idea. Even adding one more tp point on a lot doubles the amount the server has to keep up with in lines of this information. And this server does a great job handling the amount of information it does. No reason to try and push the limits causing lag and connection issues for the sake of /lazy point 17.
  13. how about 2 tp point for gold and diamond supporter. They do pay.
  14. This current thread is actually at least the second time this suggestion has raised its head.
    This link goes to the supporter forum thread regarding tp points at home.
    From what i understand about the tp system, i invisage it similar to the shop-sign system. It doesnt actually cause any sort of attention on the server until it is activated. When a shop sign is clicked, it searches surrounding blocks for a chest and then checks the chest for content. It isnt constantly checking chest for content.

    I imagine when a player uses the '/visit' command, the server finds the appropriate co-ords of the lot and tp's the player to that location. So when the player types '/home' the server identifies which lot is owned by player, then what the co-ords ot that lot is, then tp's the player to that location. The server doesnt constantly check to validate where the teleport flags are set, it only activates when a player triggers the subroutine.

    I dont imagine it would be too difficult to allow the player to set the 'home' location to the co-ords they specify on their lot, like '/home tpset', and keep the '/res tpset' for residence visitors. This would obviously mean the server has to allocate an additional flag for each player to store the co-ordinates of the players '/home' co-ords, but i dont imagine it would create the server lag we would expect.

    I also may be utterly and completely wrong, as i have very limited programming knowledge, if so there's no need to bully me for it. :p
  15. that clears it up alot. If a player can have an endless amount of shops what would and extra tp spot really hurt i guess.
  16. I have said this in the thread shaun mentioned and will post it here for convenience :)

    What you guys think of that?
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  17. Righto, I can think of numerous flaws in your idea but its good to dream :p
  18. Maybe regular people get 2 Tp points, Iron Supporters get 3, and so on. The commands could be /set tele guest, /set place 1, /set place 2, and so on. :)
  19. Oh right, so the platform would cover the whole res? The way I pictured it, the platform didn't cover the whole res, so that would mean that you would have to have curved chutes (not possible in minscraft) to get to different locations. My bad sorry
  20. I have seen the Jetsons ages ago when I was a kid :p I can see where you are getting the idea from and it is really cool :) Maybe we should work on it together? I got an idea for a chute type device that takes you from bedrock to the sky limit in under 12 seconds :D
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