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  1. Hi
    I am a very big fan of Tekkit. I have also been playing on Empire Minecraft for a while now. I was just wondering if there could be another new world that is Tekkit.

  2. Well It has been suggested before and shot down most don't want a tekkit server because it would ruin the emc experience there are groups though that do play tekkit try to contact one of them so you can play tekkit with fellow emc'ers
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  3. No. Read the mods forum before you post. I, like most people, are getting quite tired of Tekkit requests.
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  4. Jeanzl used to host a Tekkit Server but it's no longer standing :(
  5. I'm tired of seeing these Tekkit posts. The answer is no.

    I think the mods should give Tekkit requesters a temp ban or something, and train them not to do it.
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  6. I seem to remember Aikar mentioning that it's extremely resource intensive to run a Tekkit server, but that the idea was a good one. It's possible that things have changed, you never know.

    However, making a Tekkit server now would probably take too much time, since all the tech team are currently preparing for the map, residence and fluffy-the-ender-dragon updates and lots more - which is a huge commitment.

    I like the idea in theory though - if done right, a Tekkit server could possibly work. :)

    @Soul: There's no rule against requesting Tekkit. While it may be impractical, nothing is impossible and input about anything counts IMO.
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  7. Yeah, I know, but it still gets quite annoying. Aikar does occasionally test it anyway - so I guess my temp. ban idea was a little overboard.
  8. What now? Thats WAY too harsh!
  9. Sorry didn't see the post above until I posted :)
  10. Jeanzl2000 did make a tekkit server but she couldn't control it so its stopped, i'm talking to someone about a new tekkit server and me moderating it and stuff I will make a thread or they will later
  11. I have moderated more servers than you think and you dont know me and I dont care what you say/think. Just because you are so selfish doesn't mean you have to ruin others fun.
  12. I vote for josh just cause I don't like dogs, I love cats!
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  13. xD Dogs are better, cats just get in the way and dont love you
  14. I love their hypocrite love! Shoo with your dogs!
  15. I like both. Just, i'm allergic to most cats.
    And screw your domestic animals, I have 2 fricken Axolotls.

    I have moderated 10 servers, and only moderate one now through their site. I'm site staff, I don't have ban powers in-game anymore. I've stepped down on all of them to play EMC. I'm guessing you've moderated 1, 2, 3 or maybe 4?
  16. Yes, im bumping this slightly, but just to point something out.
    Quantity never matters in this case, its quality. There are whiny 8 year olds out there who have more moderating experience than me. Probably more than a majority of EMC players. So basically, it should be how well, not how many servers total, that qualifies someone to moderate:)
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  17. Clapping.gif
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  18. I have been administrator around 4-6 times on some different type of games, Co-owner twice and Mods I don't know like 10+. Forum mod once... You can see me most of times like this where I am a normal play and don't care much(most of times) , when it comes to be serious being a staff member then I'll be so.

    Grammar most of times says a lot about someone but doesn't always tell how mature is the person, as I've seen 64 years old fellow which was a friend of mine in some other game and he was a very mature person. He was just from some other country and was learning English.


    It's always been a no, so how about we close this thread?
  19. Closing in 3,2,1
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