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  1. anyone here play tekkit and have tips for me? im a complete newb :p
  2. maybe watch some of the yogscast youtube usually has tutorial's on it i've never tried it but i know its complicated with all the recipe's try to get the recipe book mod that should help
  3. I play tekkit!
    It is the best thing ever. It adds so mutch!
  4. bleh.. yogscast... they do tekkit bad :p. but you can always play around with tekkit in single player, or even search for a few good tekkit servers. They are out there. And quite fun. For those who find the vanilla world lacking, it is definitely something to pull your fancy. But, tekkit is more geared towards Multiplayer fun and industrial competition. So a server environment would be best suited to fully enjoy it.
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  5. I do! I wish emc has a tekkit server so i dont have to hunt for one.
  6. smooochhhh your alive! lol I agree with oid tekkit would be fun on emc. there has been topics on it with Aikar he said it looks promising and is a possibility in the future..
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  7. Agreed haha.
    Also, Hi!!! :D