Tejbz import corp.

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  1. Hi, we have recently started a new supply company. The company is based on SMP9, residence 18175

    These are our current offers. (will be updated later)
    Our goal is to have your stuff at your residence within 24 hours.


    Smooth sandstone

    Creeper Sandstone


    Smooth Stone

    Stone Bricks



    Hardened clay

    Logs (any kind)

    Wool /any colour




    Hay blocks



    Please contact seglaarn with your order today!

    Seglaarn, Tejbzz000, Glittnir
  2. Sand - (15r)/stack - a single chest please. I'd like to collect at your res. :)
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  3. ITEM: Sugarcane
    UNIT PRICE: (10r)/Stack
    AMOUNT: 2 Double Chests [Please]
    PRICE: 1080 Rupees
    DELIVERY: I'll collect
  4. ITEM: Sugarcane
    UNIT PRICE: (10r)/Stack
    AMOUNT: 10 Double Chests [Please]
    PRICE: 5400 Rupees
    DELIVERY: I'll collect
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  5. I will notify you when you can pic up your sand.
  6. I will notify you when the sugarcanes are done.
  7. Thats a massive amount... i will do what i can to get it done within 24 hours.
  8. Just shorten it down to 5DC, Easier on you :) Ill make my pal JC get 5 More DC some other time :)
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  9. Item: White Wool
    Unit Price: 10r/stack
    Amount: 1 DC
    Price: 540 rupees
    Delivery: I will pick up
  10. We will notify you when it's ready for pic up.
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  11. ITEM: Wool
    UNIT PRICE: (10r)/Stack
    AMOUNT: 8 DC in total (1 Single Chest of each color) [Please]
    PRICE: 4320 Rupees (rounded up to 5000, because of the deliverycost/time)
    DELIVERY: Please deliver it to 9001, I''ll set up chests for you to deliver it in.

    Sidenote: It does not have to be delivered within 24 hours. Im getting online on EMC on sunday again (GMT+1 timezone)
    Feel free to send me a PM if you have any questions

    I got the prices wrong. The total price of 8DC comes to a total of 6480r.
    I round this up to a total of 7k, for deliverycost/time
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  12. DC of glass and 14 stacks of hay blocks, please :)
  13. W will begin working on your order as soon as the prior ones are done.
  14. How long until it is done?
  15. SC of Glass.
    Which will be 540, correct?
    Your call, pickup or deliver. If its pickup, I may not be in town for some time.
  16. I will probably start smelting your glass tomorrow, and they should be available sunday evening (CET). when it comes to the Hay Bales i cant give you an estimated time, but i promise you we will do our very best to get it done before next week.
  17. 540 is right.

    I already have a big order on glass, but i will try to get it done as fast as possible. I will notify you when its done and than we can also decide how to get it to you.
  18. Okay, I don't have any time limit.
    Can I consider upgrading to a DC? Or is that too much with your previous order?
  19. Can I deliver a single chest first, and then I'll try to get you another one after that?
  20. Sandstone (Double Chest)
    70r/stack - DC: 3780r

    Glass (Double Chest , you can do single chest at a time)
    20/stack - DC: 1080r

    Logs (Oak - SC)
    50r/stack -Total: 1350r

    Logs (Pine - SC)
    50r/stack -Total: 1350r

    Logs (Birch - SC)
    50r/stack -Total: 1350r

    Logs (Jungle - SC )
    50r/stack - Total: 1350r

    Wool - Single Chest of Every Color (No time limit)
    15r/stack - 6480r for all 16 Single Chests

    Hardened clay - Single Chest
    70r/stack - 1890r