TehSpiders & I play a vech's map (Inferno Mines)

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  1. First!
    And now to watch the video
  2. It's bugging me, I can't figure out who's voice is who's voice :mad:
    Awesome video! :D
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  3. Episode numero dos! This one is probably our most action filled / fail loaded episode yet. Lots of fun to watch.

    In other interesting news, we may be getting partnered with a network called RPM, which would be pretty exciting. Woo!

    I hate to be that typical youtuber, but any likes/comments/shares you can give to our vids really helps us out. :p
  4. IcC was the first to talk. "OMG THESE MOBS ARE INVISIBLE TO ME IS THIS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!?" "Uhhhh I DON'T WANNA DIE.." He also read the book while TehSpiders derped in the background.
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  5. i find it hard to mistake ICC's voice, but i've heard it before so i knew. :p but i doubt you'll mistake it ever again. lol, its got an awesome tone to it.
  6. dawwwwwwwwwww
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  7. Aha thankyou
  8. Seems to me you play to much Creative mode ICC? :p