TehrandomX here!

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  1. Hi im TEhrandomX im quite active on the forums as my title says i like mining with people (especially for quartz my favourite item in minecraft) I look forward to meeting new people and becoming more popular and well known on EMC but i don't ever forget any one even if i gradually get 50 or so friends I'll remember every single one of you (not in a creepy was just as a friend)

    If you want to hang out or mine or just build with me just message me on the forums or in-game usually on so i don't think you will miss me but i am also 187 days old but i quit EMC 124 days ago tops and came back to start playing again but as i said i look forward to meeting new people and make new friends :)
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  2. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  3. That's a lot of text ;)
  4. Hi TEhrandomX, nice intro. May see you around some time.
  5. she's on smp4 with mee!
  6. btw TEhrandomX wasn't intentional i meant TehrandomX
  7. yay are you on mc?
  8. i am going on right now :)
  9. OK, mc is on my laptop in my room... so far away... but I will be on in a few secs
  10. Just replying to my own post...
    It will take a while because I am eating my tea and I can't go upstairs while I am eating