Ted and Pig's Supply Company!

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  1. Hey guys! tedrocker and I bring you a new and "unique" supply company! Here is a list of the items you can order from us, with prices! :)

    Stone: SC - 1000r/DC - 2000r
    Cobble: SC - 1000r/DC -2000r
    Cow Eggs: 1 stack - 900r/4 stacks - 3,500r
    Chicken Eggs: 1 stack - 300r/4 stacks - 1,000r
    Sheep Eggs: 1 stack - 1,100r/4 stacks - 5,000r
    Redstone Ore: 16 - 250r/1 stack - 1000r
    Coal Ore: 16 - 60r/1 stack - 245r
    Villager heads: 1 - 2000r - 1 IN STOCK
    Chicken Heads: 1 - 1000r - 2 IN STOCK
    Spider Heads: 1 - 1500r - 1 IN STOCK

    Now, TP Co. (ted and pig complany) supplies certain types of farms/redstone mechanic related things. Currently we only supply 2, but it will increase later on in time. :)

    The Furnace Array
    2014-01-26_10.31.01.png 2014-01-26_10.31.05.png 2014-01-26_10.31.15.png
    This specific furnace set up can smelt a stack of items within 2 minutes, using any type of fuel. Tedrocker and I will supply the materials and show you personally how to use it.

    Price: 10,000 rupees

    Auto Brewer
    2014-01-26_10.30.02.png 2014-01-26_10.30.08.png 2014-01-26_10.30.22.png
    I haven't timed the overall process to get 3 potions, but, after playing around with it, we got 4 DC's in the matter of 10 minutes. It's very efficient in preparing for the mob arenas, or just getting potions overall!

    Price: 10,000 rupees

    Also, if you want any of the materials delivered, it'll cost an extra 50 rupees per stack!
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  2. Use this form when ordering supplies:
    In-game name:
    What you're ordering:
    Price: (I'll be checking)

    Use this form when ordering the Brewer/Furnace Array:
    In-game name:
    Which machine you're ordering:
    Price: (I'll be checking)
  3. If you could show me the smelter in action I may be interested :)
  4. I will show u please go onto SMP2
  5. Bump! Lowered some of the prices. :)