TechnicPack Modpack launcher help

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  1. I've been using the Technic mod launcher, and im trying to get it on my sister's PC. IT just doesn't load. It doesn't show the things it does on my screen.

    Help please! :p
  2. On my computer it had kinda a similar problem. I tried to use it but it didnt work, so i downloaded forge to vanilla ran it, then tried again and worked. Dont know if that is the way to fix it correctly, but it worked for me
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  3. I noticed this with my family's older laptop. When it launched the game did not load and just disappeared and I was too inept to try and work out why when I was younger. If it is an older laptop it may not have the required specs to run Tehcnic with all the mods that has been added to the base game, try increasing your memory (RAM) that the game is allocated. :)
  4. if technic doesnt work try an old file but i may not be able to send it
  5. Is the java the correct version needed? Also, Technic can be a very touchy modpack, and sometimes there are aspects of a laptop that just don't make it compatible.

    On another side, I have found that it is usually just a bad download. Try deleting all files received from Technic, including the launcher, and start again.
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  6. It works now, I just forgot to say in the thread. Thanks for your help! :)