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  1. In 1.8 Villagers got a fancy new feature that lets them pick plants up and trade it with other Villagers. This added a lot of potential for collecting their drops, or making Villager breeders under the new (and rather complicated compared to before) changes made to their AI.

    Here on EMC they can only walk 12 blocks from the player. With a wheat farm you got water sources, an most likely a fence or wall to hold them in. What your left with is basically hugging the Villager just to get it to walk a line. Even worse is it seems to be bugged, they cut out at around 8 blocks distance and start stuttering.

    The suggestion here is to lift the limit for Villagers, to let them walk the Vanilla 32 block distance from the player, so we can make use of changes brought in 1.8. Currently if you have a Villager in anything other then some 1x1 breeder/holding area, they are just unusable.

  2. Entity activation range is really annoying. Would be cool to have this! Fully automated farms here we come.
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  3. We don't need to change villager range, but instead make "I have a goal" added as an immunity check so that while they have a goal, they do not go inactive.

    added EMC-926
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