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  1. ok so i was wondering, can i install the technic pack and still play on the servers? i've really wanted to give it a try for sometime now but i still want to be able to play on the servers. can help me out?

    feel free to drop by my res on smp8 and check out my windmill
  2. Welcome to EMC.
  3. Just use the normal MC client or Spoutcraft instead of the Tekkit one when you play on EMC. They're completely different files. I'm not sure if Tekkit will even let you connect, I'm pretty sure it wont - or if it will it will just function like the normal Minecraft one.
  4. Technic has a completely different launcher so don't worry about it ;)
  5. that sorta helps guys, thanks . jack your comment was alittle over my head though
  6. Tekkit will let you connect but if you try and craft something related to Tekkit you get "End of stream"
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