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  1. Here are a bunch of technical questions; the answers to which will help me plan the most effective build for my multi-plot res.
    As you will probably deduce yourself, most of the info will help me choose afk/work station spots within my system that might activate more than one res of activity. I feel like this is either impossible or elementary, tho I'm not sure which.

    If you're thinking "geeze just look at the wiki"
    * I understand that most of this information is in the wiki... I have poured over every page of the wiki many times, and taken what I can from it (which is a lot.)
    Truth is, I love the wiki, but I am a visual/kinesthetic learner... in fact it is really hard for me to conceptualize numbers, size and space at all without a lot of info rearranging or pictures. PLEASE, IF THERE IS AN INFOGRAPHIC PRO CONSIDER EMC SPAWNING/ACTIVATION & OTHER WIKI PROJECTS!!! (Maybe someday when I have a good grasp on the information I will make one)

    1. Do you activate any range outside of your res? For example: Assuming you are on the outer most block of your res, would you activate crop growth on your neighbors plot?

    2. Do the following things happen while you are away from your res? Part 2: Are any of these changed by the previous scenario?

    • Baby mob growth
    • Crop growth
    • Wool growth
    • Hopper flow
    • Redstone circuitry (i.e. clocks/timers)


    Animals and plants will grow, and sheep will grow wool despite activation range while you are anywhere on your res.
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  2. 1. Yes, you effect other residences and load them on the servers. This is based by the players location, and not the physical residence.
    2. If no one is the area, no. These do not take place. There is potential for certain of these (with specific numbers in the wiki), if there is someone near by.

    False. These are based purely on EAR, not being inside of the residence. (And y the chunks being loaded)
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  3. So, If I build a workstation on the edge of the road, between my two plots, crops will grow on both throughout? Or just within a certain range of the edge on each? (if so how many blocks?)
  4. Only to a certain range. I am on a mobile device and am unable to look up this specific distance right now. Perhaps someone could help me out. It will not necessarily work throughout, depending on the distance and potentially loaded chunks
  5. According to the Wiki the Entity Activation Range for Animals is 12 blocks, but Wool growth and babies are exceptions. Crops are also unaffected by range so they should grow if the chunk they are in is loaded.

    I don't see what the radius on chunk loading is but the view distance in Town is 4 chunks, which is about the width of a Residence. Activation range for Redstone is a mystery to me. I haven't seen where it is documented and haven't thought of any good ways to test. To keep it easy on myself, I have assumed that it works like crops and haven't found any reason to believe otherwise. I assume that Hoppers will work at least 64 blocks away in the Wild but can only confirm about 50ish blocks.

    Since it says that there is no distance check along the Y axis, some areas should be more efficient if you stack them vertically if they are affected adversely by distance. For example, you could place a bank of furnaces above or below a timer.