(Tech Help) Connecting laptop to laptop

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  1. A buddy and myself would like to play on each others worlds. How do we connect via LAN? Or can we? We are sitting across the table from one another if that matters.
  2. Make sure you two are connected to the same internet network, then on the world you want to play on, type /publish. On your buddy's multiplayer menu, your buddy should see the world under the other servers.
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  3. be on same network then press Esc and press open to lan and your friend should see it :)
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  4. Yep Same Network Or I Is Not Going To Work Since Mojang Updated Lan Uses Network ID And IPs Of The Laptop. If Not Get Mcmyadmin And Use that Free Server. Just A Thought
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  5. /publish = "you do not have permission to use that command"
  6. are you the one that opened the lan if not or that you have cheats off
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  7. Did you create the world with cheats enabled?
  8. The world is his existing world. I doubt cheats are enabled.