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  1. Hey guys, I see talk of teamspeak on the forums quite a bit and I do use teamspeak. Is there an official teamspeak server for EMC? Because I'd love to talk to you guys for real! So if someone has one that a good portion of the community uses, I'd love to hop on.
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  2. No one wants to talk to me? D:
  3. Apparently.

    Just kidding. There is no official teamspeak server for EMC. The idea of an official voice chat software has been bandied about, but there has been no indication of establishing one as yet, though I know Justin liked the idea. There is an IRC channel.
  4. It would be awesome! Please make one for those who donate? :)
  5. there has actually been many attempts to bring forth a VoIP option to EMC before. The only full fledge one that stays up anymore would probably be Aikar's Mumble server, which is free for anyone to use at ''.
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  6. Okay! Thanks for the information!
    We could try to get some people into the Mumble server :) It would be fun! :)
  7. I run a server with an unused mumble:
    Feel free to use it. It's 24/7
  8. Are you on it everyday? :)
  9. Nope, nobody is. Kinda redundant so it would be great if people used it
  10. Tell everyone on the server about the Mumble server :)
  11. They don't use mumble, but the server comes as a package so it just sits there.