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  1. I am starting a new team/clan!!

    About us: We are a team for hire! I want good people that can join together and demolish a res!

    What is Demolishing? Well demolishing is when someone wants to reset their res but not all together reset it, they just want to destroy buildings

    Hire: If you would like to hire us, pm me, TheMinner333, and I will look at the size of buildings and give you an estimate of the price

    How to join: Pm or reply to this thread your:

    Skype (yes or no)
    When can you play and how long a day

    Why would I want to join? Well, when we are hired I will send a mass Skype message to members with the res number and time when we will work. Pay: we all get even pay! Although i will only pay people that work that day, if your not on you don't get paid but next time!



    First Day Of Spartan Ops!! I worked Hard and Made This our Headquarters! Hope you like!

    First Step: Go to My res on smp5 @10747 Then step on this!

    This Will Then Take You to
    Want to see whats inside???????
    Our Conference Room!!!

    There are two more rooms, but to see those you have to join!!


    This Client Hired us and told us how he wanted us to destroy his house so here are some screen shots of demolition!
    2013-01-21_11.04.49.png 2013-01-21_11.13.13.png 2013-01-21_11.22.55.png 2013-01-21_11.24.03.png 2013-01-21_11.26.30.png

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  2. Not to be harsh, but do you realize that these thread names appear on Google? And this is on the recent thread list? So any newcomer/server Googler could potentially be scared off by this.
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  3. No...any noob would not know these guys name.. They're not that popular
  4. Lol tell that to reddit...
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  5. Ok I will!! Who are they??? Lol
  6. Wait do you do wilderness demolitions?
  7. NO. We are hired for plot demolitions! Yes, we will do other things as a team but no to just destroying the wild
  8. I bet you have never even encountered them, stop calling people noobs because you might just be "it"
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  10. Jeez, I said people that are new to minecraft would not know the name because guess who hogs minecraft griefing avengeuiwill....if you want to join it you hate :D everyone was a noob once :)
  11. Then change the team name, once thats done the hatred will go away.
  12. Ok I will! I was actually thinking about changing it to something else....
  13. Could a MOD please change tittle to: Team Spartan Ops
  14. You'll probably need to pm them. Just ask them to change the title and clear out the posts :) Saves making another thread and all.
  15. Thank you for your cooperation. Its not that I hate Team Avo because they maybe a bad group, its because its personal. Them and I go a long way back even before EMC was running and most of you even knew of mc or were playing it.
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  16. Thanks bro, you know if I can do that on my Idevise? Ill figure it out thanks though
  17. Oh I see....yeah I guess that could offend people if they have gotten griefed by them
  18. Ill spare you the whole story. Thanks again though.
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  19. They look pretty popular to me.....

    Youtube Channel Stats
    177,211 Subscribers
    34,522,380 Video Views


    I mean that's more popular than a lot of other channels I look at on Youtube.
  20. DANG they have shot up!! And thanks to the mod who changed the tittle!