[Team Project] EMC Hunger Games Map

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  1. Hey guys, Me and four lucky people will be building a hunger games map, this will be made from EMC and for EMC. You must have Hamachi to work on it though, if you don't have it I'll include a tutorial on how to get it and how to join a network in the PM you receive. I will be building the following:
    -Glass dome Barrier instead :) (400 blocks in diameter)
    -Starting time clock (Built at spawn)
    -Spawn Gates
    -Hidden rooms
    -Outside scenery (Mountains to block view right outside of dome for example)
    -Landscaping (Mountains, trees, hills, ect.)

    If you'd like to join, you can fill out his form, and I'll take a looksie!

    I will PM you if you are accepted.
    Current Builders:
  2. This is tempting but, I just announced today that I'm taking a break until June 6th. :(
  3. That stinks.. This map will be done *Hopefully* by May 15th. That's the goal date, but there is a lot to build.
  4. I may change my mind before then, but when I come back and if it's not finished, would I be able to help?
  5. If there is still a slot, there will only be five selected. I'm being a bit picky on this though, so you might be able to slip in :)

    ALSO, will not be making dome, will be just enclosed with a barrier. If the barrier block comes out we'll use those as well.

    This is all by hand in creative mode too, one of the reasons we won't make a dome.
  6. Night time bump.
  7. Please welcome Choongjae to the team!
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  8. I don't know a lot about Hamachi, but couldn't you use World Edit to make a glass dome? If you cannot get plugins, maybe you could do it in singleplayer and use that world. World Edit is legal on the Empire because you need permissions to use it.
  9. Hmm.... I can provide a server for this.
  10. That'd be awesome, I could Email the world to you if you like.
  11. Sorry. It appears someone filled out an application on my behalf, but it wasn't me.
  12. Sorry. Stupid people.
    *Sad face*
  13. Welcome Porphos to the Team!
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