Team Gucci

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  1. Hello citizens! Today me and cddm95ace have started team gucci! We have so so much swag and we have gucci booties that show how hawt we are :p To apply for team gucci inbox me and cddm95ace and tell us why you are gucci. It will be hard to make it in because we have way more gucciswag then any of you but best of luck. maybe if we get enough members with enough gucci we will have a wrecking ball party where me and cddm will drop gucci booties for all! 2013-11-28_01.17.00.png #Teamgucci
    P.S. sometimes we twerk and work
  2. Ermmm.... What?
  3. You must learn young one
  4. Oh sweet mother of pandas I hate myself so much right now.
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  5. Gucci will save you, maybe pandas are gucci too :D
  6. Lol!
  7. .....Lam you need help
  8. I agree! Lol I will stop now.
  9. Yes he does, maybe he should join team gucci for help! :p oh god i hate myself for this now but i cant stop laughing
  10. I would join but here is why not A: I am in to many groups already B: i probably would not get in I am a ghast hunter they aren't gucci.
  11. No, I must destroy your kind.
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  12. Gah there's even a massive gold and iron tower in the background, how did I let you talk me into this flaming. XD
  13. I rather rock Louis Vuitton
  14. Is it bad that I had to google "Gucci" to even have any idea what you were talking about? lol, anyways, why not. what do i gotta do for them shoes? :p
  15. Now, I would rock a Louis Vuitton watch any day, if i could afford one.
  16. Oh you gotta apply for dem shoes
  17. Oh I am want dem shoes
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  18. What does this so called team gucci do exactly?
  19. Gucci
  20. "Oh you're bleeding everywhere! Oh you're bleeding everywhere! Get it off my designer Gucci glasses, and my Gucci purse!


    First thing that came to mind.
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