Team Fortress 2

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  1. I'm downloading TF2! Finally! Any one other than Mrlegit play it?
  2. I downloaded it, and preceded to play it for four hours and never play it again. I just could not get into it.
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  3. I hate it. The community, and the bots, are both awful. Not to mention it takes about 20 years to load...
  4. My username is |Clutch|DaJaKoe
    If you have 5 bucks, the minimum you can import into steam funds, buy something from the store and become premium. Perks include being able to add friends, 5 more back pack pages and the ability to trade. You could also try asking around for a premium upgrade gift, but chances are slim someone will give theirs up. And remember the #1 rule of TF2: Skills<Hats
  5. my signature may hint my steam name ;) i dont play TF2 much anymore, i might play some now and then but thats about it.
  6. I do and I'm not really good at it, but it's great game.
  7. my username is iball6119
    and on my computer (which is super fast) it took 2 hours to download LOL
  8. Played It And Loved It. It Is An Epic Game To Play Unfortunately From Me I Have Not Got The Time To Play It Anymore Sad Thought. But I Would Recommend It To Everyone Who Love Play Hard-core Games
  9. The time it takes to download has more to do with internet speed than anything. It does not how powerful your computer is if you internet is slow it will still take a while to download.
    Must you capitalize every word?
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  10. [quote="HylianNinja, Must you capitalize every word?[/quote]

    Sorry I have always done it. I don't even know why. Old habits and all that. I will try not to do it on every word.
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  11. You can find a direct link to my Steam profile by clicking on my card in my sig, but note I rarely play TF2.
  12. Used to play a ton, now it's just moderate.
    I play Far Cry 3 though.. :)
  13. I play it sometimes. Why you want to play with us :?
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  14. I play it on the Xbox. If anyone wants to play it with me sometime PM me.
    IGN: ishartedomglol
    If you send me a friend request please say you are from EMC because me and my brother share an account so I might think its his friends.
  15. What a nice gamertag
  16. It's also my brothers minecraft name XD
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  17. I play and im not bad, Melk73 is my name if you ever want to add me.
  18. I play somewhat frequently. Looking to sell a few of my items (Outpost traders must be illiterate - apparently PRICES ARE FIRM means "I'll offer 50% of his asking price and then add him as a friend thinking he'll take it)

    My Steam is Czyirkz (Long story short - played a game with my brother. Put in some letters and came up with this)
  19. I play quite a bit, My steam name is TheMiniKins if you want to add me, Im buying stranges xD