Team Fortress 2

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  1. Just wondering, how many EMC-ers are TF2 fans/players?
    And also, what platform do you use?

    I play on the XBOX 360 and sometimes Steam, but today I'm looking for a group on XBOX 360!
    Leave me a friend request on cHEEzel buddy, and I'll host a game and invite you to it :)

    See ya online,
    Maddy ;)
  2. i m a player/ i play it on PC
  3. I play it sometimes.
  4. I Play Loads Man Love It LOL And I Play It On PC :)

    I Mite Get It On Xbox. :)
  5. Is it for xbox?

    I play it on PC.
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  6. I play with a computer via Steam.
  7. I play it here and there via steam
  8. My Nazi side of me is killing me.

    Please do not capitalize every word, it makes some people go crazy (me)

  9. It is on XBox if you by The Orange Box.
  10. Sorry it is a bad habbit with the caps thing and thanks for the spelling correction lol :)
  11. I bought it when it came out, and I got a new steam when it became free.
    Why must I explain, anyway? My sig says it all :p
  12. I got it on Steam.
    It's on Xbox? is it on the Xbox360?
  13. It comes with Half-Life 2 and Portal in The Orange Box.

    I recommend you don't buy it for the xbox. I own it own PS3 and you can't go one match without having half a team full of hackers, apparently it's worse on the 360.
  14. I was ABOUT to post this! Whol wants to make a EMC TF2 server? :D
  15. Hold on... HPN.jpg
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  16. Mann vs Machine is an interesting addition to the game...
  17. Ok! :) Yaaay! (I would put more "A"'s, but that would be spamming.)