Team Fortress 2? (TF2) and funny memes

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by meduka_meguca, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. Hey, just wondering, who plays TF2 in the Empire? Also, feel free to post random tf2 funny stuff :D tumblr_m3luxi1dzi1qmp4f4o1_500.png Vanillatf2meme.png tf2memecheats.jpg
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  2. I play TF2, I dont have a funny meme for it though :rolleyes:
  3. :) it's ok :D ill do it for u! lulz.png
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  4. TF2 is fun :D
  5. Yey, TF2 :D
  6. Got any good servers? my favourite server is this one: (Type connect in the dev console.)
  7. Meh. I downloaded it about a year ago played it for four hours and never touched it again.
  8. Killing an emery spy that is on friendly disguise and failed to pull out the Dead Ringer on time