Team Fortress 2 Crafting?

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  1. Well, after discovering i could use my steam wallet to buy games, i've been going on a frenzy to get as much money as possible, and i heard the you can craft and sell items in TF2.

    My question is: How does this work? Can someone please link me to or explain the process of how it happens? (Getting items, crafting them, ect.)
  2. I am not an expert, so do not quote me on this...

    So. I am sure that if you are reading this, you have the knowledge that the TF2 items have turned into an economy. This is because of valve being careful with inflation.
    First, you have to obtain items. I am sure you have a premium steam account, so you can trade items. You can get a good friend to give you something, or you can get them yourself by buying them from the Mann co store, (which no one does) get crates by playing the game and opening then with keys that you either craft, buy, or trade, or finding the low tier ones in game. It is ushually best to smelt the crappy ones from in game into a piece of scrap metal. It takes 2 items from the same class to make one scrap metal. Once you have 3 scrap metal, you can turn them into a reclaimed metal. Three reclaimed metal can turn into a refined metal, which is used for most of the crafting of valuable items. I suggest this path, because you will ushually not get lucky from opening crates. If you HAVE to open a crate, make sure you open a crate #83, the killstreak gear.

    However, I like to think of myself as lucky. Let me tell you a quick story.
    I am fairly new to team fortress 2, I have an inventory worth about $.96, and I have almost nothing other than achievement items. But I do know someone who I consider a veteran. He opened a crate recently, just a few days ago, I believe it was this Monday. He got the "Exceedingly Rare Item" option. He got a hat, which happened to be god tier. Then, it also had an effect that was god tier. He had a Flaming Chromosome. There was only one other one in existence before, and people in this game are crazy, so that hat was worth nearly $4,000. He got ripped off though, he only got about $1,000 worth of items for it.

    I would bet a very large amount of money that you will not get as lucky as my friend Komrade the Kool-aid Cloudy though. I suggest you just stick to playing a lot and smelting cruddy items you find on respawn randomly in game.

    Please correct me if any of this is baloney sandwich, I am still fairly new to team fortress 2.
  3. You can craft items with other items, such as weapons, metal, and even hats. You can then trade these items to other players, and they will trade you an item for it.
  4. Can you sell said crafted items on the Steam Market place?
  5. Some but not all.
  6. Thanks for the advice! I'll probably have more questions later, so i'll keep the thread open.

    Oh! And i have a sniper rifle called "The Bazaar Bargin" which i'm willing to trade for Trading cards. Contact me via steam if you're interested, my steam name is still jtc0999 :)
  7. So i have a Mann Co. Supply munition Series #82 and a Mann Co. Stockpile crate. Are either one worth opening?
  8. I would only open a #83 killstreak crate.

    Definitely do not open the stockpile crate.
  9. buy a key, but don't use it on a supply crate.
  10. What would i do with it then?
  11. trade. the TF2 currency involves Scrap, Reclaimed, Refined, Keys, and Buds.
  12. I apologize for bumping this again, but i have a question a friend and I are baffled on.

    My friend can trade many items, including random drops, some unique weapons, and all crates. I, however, cannot trade or sell ANYTHING expect for 3 things: An ellis hat, frying pan and the bazaar bargin. Why is this?

    He is premium, and i am not. Could this be the problem?
  13. You are f2p, you cannot trade items that are not traded to you, someone must have given or traded those items to you
  14. My friend has a sword that he randomly found, and he can trade it.
  15. You said he was premium, if he is premium he can trade items he finds, free to plays cannot
  16. aaah, alright.

    I know how to get premium, but how long does it last?
  17. forever
  18. Last question: What is the cheapest item i can buy to get premium?
  19. a $.50 item, but you'll have to buy $5 of steam credits for it
  20. That makes no sense, could you explain?

    I checked the wiki as well, but it didn't make sense to me either :p