Team fortess 2 (steam)

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  1. HII I am heavy and I am russion! I like sandvitches and my friend PYRO! and also if u whant to play with me add me on steam! [gamerkiller905] AND GIVE ME KEY AND sandvicthes!!!!!

    ALSO watch me sing my russion anthem:

    for part 2 me singing russion anthem click here:

    Note: Scouts dont watch this ur tiny baby ears will burn or bleed U ARE TIwanNY! and u have tiny wepons I WILL EAT U like sandvitch.

    enginner remix:


    scout wants a hat:

    thats it I NEED TO clean my tomislav bye bye AND EAT SANDVITCH!
  2. Umm...,, I don't know what to say...

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  3. add panda she plays alot tf2
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  4. LOL! True, name on there is [DOR]PandasEatPancakes
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  5. i will add u guyz later!
  6. Anyone have a quick way of installing TF2?
    For me it takes 12 hours..... :/
  7. o.o Not that I know of...I'm not sure how to get it besides Steam. I've found that it's faster sometimes to download a game and then put the shortcut in Steam as a non-steam game but not sure how that works with Valve games.
  8. hmm i think steam messed up tf2 on mine because every day i get a message saying steam has finished downloading tf2 0_0 also i could play the game before it was done downloading
  9. Steam is a bit nuts at times. Mine does that. I'm not sure if it's actually updating or what. Yesterday mine decided to run really slow and freeze up and spazz out, log me in and out and other crazy things. I just closed it for a couple hours then when I opened it later it said it was updating.
  10. Here's a SANDVITCH
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  11. I will add you guys when I can get on my PC later!
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  12. But.... isn't MEDIC your friend?
  13. M
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  14. Somebody likes TF2. Haha. Expect my request soon friend. :)
  15. Dr.Heavy is glad is not one of those MEDICS.
  16. Im getting steam soon my account will always be Nole972=)
  17. HEY guyz im just wishing for gmod i wish i could get it if anyone 1 of u could donate to me Becouse im starting A youtube Channel and i need gmod so If anyone could donate 1 dollar i would be so happy and ill give 10 diamonds on emc So far i worked and prepared for this for a week thats why u guyz dont see me in emc! so can u guyz please donate? Thanks all My channel:crafter905
    Also like and sub! thanks all!
    Note: if ur gonna donate please pm me or add me on steam ill reply instantly!
  18. I would be welcome to joining my fellow EMCers in a friendly game of TF2.
  19. Isn't TF2 in the Orange Box, or is that just TF?