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  1. Team Eco has been repairing the Wild on SMP5 :D

    Foobnoob, kewtey, Werter03886 and I have been trying to make the wrecked desert area look a little more palatable. I only took a screenie halfway through the main effort, but here's an idea of what it looked like before:

    And after:

    So I think it's looking a lot nicer. The main problem is that it requires bucket loads of dirt. We've all emptied the chests of dirt that we had, and used up dirt from anyone offering it (thanks TheController and Mini40000 !! Be sure to visit their shops!!).

    If anyone has industrial amounts of dirt we can have (even it's it still in the ground), then please let Foobnoob or me know. We can set up a deposit chest for you, come and collect it from your plot or come and dig for you. Just let us know!

    Remember to plant a sapling or two after you've finished hoovering up the wood!
  2. wow thats amazing
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  3. Great, nice to see someone doing something about this :)
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  4. and Nerone94 dug 64 x 64 x 40. So, tons of dirt here.
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  5. I have some dirt you could take, I'm thinking about clearing all of the dirt under my Res to build an underground city as all the space abouve is taken by my hedge maze ( 2201 smp1 )
  6. I also have tons of dirt, mostly on SMP4.
  7. I have like 4 double chest full of it if you want it, SMP1
  8. Great job guys :)
  9. This is great! Sadly it'll all go back to desert when the periodic reset comes around... I'll let you guys dig up all the dirt on my smp9 res, I need to clear the whole thing out anyways. Just swing by smp2 and I'll give you perms :D
  10. I would like to help and theres worse problems in the wild at smp 6 and i would like to help in any way i can. :)
  11. Yes this is true, but Minecraft is all about finding something to do, and I find the results quite pleasing. I also enjoy defending myself in the wild at night! The resets aren't that frequent, and they'll fix it better than I ever could!

    Thanks for the offers of dirt, I will be hoovering it up!
  12. Crack on with fixing smp6, it's great fun! Just put some dirt on all the pillars and then slowly join the dirt together. It's actually quicker than you expect, but can be a little dangerous (due to mobs and those weird 1x1 vertical death holes that people seem to like digging), so I recommend doing it with diamonds on you....
  13. Oh my god :D I've been waiting for someone to do this! also,
    nice. I'll grab a few stacks and go help!
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  14. This is just.... amazing guys :) Thats a huge effort put in it.
  15. A better solution would be to make sure there's no desert immediately surrounding the protected spawn areas, but considering how the maps have already been chosen and that they are auto-generated, doing something like that would probably be infeasible in more than one way...
  16. Yes, the desert biomes do get nailed for sand and sandstone, as Sandstone is such a good looking material. Kilmannan made a great thread with some suggestions about how to help minimise the destruction at the edge of spawn areas. I did suggest changing the shape of the protected area, so it prevents those huge cliffs, like this:

    Where the blue area is the existing protected spawn and the yellow is the new (or additional protected shape). I think the area only needs to extend below where sandstone is found. I still love his mineshaft idea.
  17. I really like that idea. That way, you couldn't make the terrain outside the protected spawn areas as dangerous as they typically are now.
  18. Just a suggestion, but I wouldn't dump a lot of resources and manpower into "fixing" the periodic reset areas.