Team deathmatch!!!!!!!!!

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Should this be suporter?

Yes 4 vote(s) 40.0%
No 6 vote(s) 60.0%
  1. I think somthing cool would be a server that hosts team deathmatch matches. Classe's could be selected by doung /class name.Blocks would not be able to be destroyed. Some ideas for classes would be: Demolitionist (Bow that has a medium explosion and 3 tnt that could be detonated remotely with a button by left clicking with it when in your hand Iron armor. Soilder (Diamond sword with Sharpness II and a Splash potion of regen) List all class ideas in the reply section.
  2. This is Minecraft not COD... so no.
  3. I like it, on one condition...
  4. ohhhh this is one of those "if only" moments
  5. this is not intended as an advertisment, but this is very Verry similar to the minecraft capture the flag server - with their class / options and everything except its capture the flag style
  6. They are already working on a PvP server, I'm fairly sure it will be a fixed inventory-No block breaking style, and not to be a spelling/grammar nazi but can you please edit it so it's not "classe's", it's "class's
  7. I think it's only advertising when you post an IP.
  8. yeah i learned that after i posted the forum
  9. i'll pm you - i don't want to advertise